Company founded in Chile in 1952 by Luciano Erler Monauni, an Italian immigrant from the province of Trento, who over the years managed to consolidate a family factory, transforming it into one of the factories with the highest technology in the country and the South Pacific. with the ability to work and produce large-scale projects.

Today, more than 200 people work creating value and developing first class products, in a tradition that extends from 1952 to date.


With our industrialized line we remain at the forefront of melamine furniture production, we stand out in the Chilean market for the characteristics of our products and the correct use of materials, factors that seek the perfect harmony so that our customers live a unique and incomparable.

Tradition, quality and innovation applied to all company processes allow the organization to be at the forefront of furniture design, with a wide range of alternatives and solutions that adapt to needs.





With our modulation, the cubing development time ends up being much faster than the conventional process.

Taking the response of the values ​​to a much more comfortable level for the negotiation of the project.


Our library was developed with the aim of expanding the horizons of creative design without losing speed of delivery, we focus on fast customer service, maintaining the good concept of particular design.


Thanks to ThreeSpine® system from Valingë, we were able to create a fast and clean product with a good finish.

 By installing in a more intuitive way, we are able to assemble more furniture and deliver more projects in less time.


Considering the standardization of our furniture, we have the possibility of producing in series, thus obtaining a better response in all processes, optimization, assembly, logistics, offices and installation.


In 2019 we acquired the license for the Threespine® assembly system from Välinge.

An innovative system that simplifies and reduces furniture assembly time.